Licklider Transmission Protocol

Welcome to the official home of LTP - Licklider Transmission Protocol aka Long-haul Transmission Protocol. LTP is named in honor of JCR Licklider , one of the pioneers of ARPANET who envisioned having interplanetary links a long time ago.

LTP is designed to provide retransmission based reliability of data transmissions over deep-space RF links. In the bundling protocol stack designed by the Delay Tolerant Networking Research Group DTNRG , it serves as a reliable datalink convergence layer for deep-space links.

The protocol is currently described in 3 documents :

    * The motivation document : draft-irtf-dtnrg-ltp-motivation-04.txt

    * The main protocol specification document : draft-irtf-dtnrg-ltp-06.txt

    * The extensions document : draft-irtf-dtnrg-ltp-extensions-05.txt

The LTP interest mailing list exists here .

Link to our Off-World Communication Protocols Research Project : OCP